Affiliate Marketing Explained Simply

What is affiliate marketing?

In essence, it’s the internet’s equivalent of being a commission-only sales person.

That’s the simple answer – you get paid an affiliate commission for each sale generated as a result of a visitor you send.

It would be difficult to employ tens, hundreds or even thousands of people to potentially sell a product so affiliate marketing provides a solution.

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Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

Bloggers have an edge in affiliate marketing because they have a website that’s under their control.

A small edge is often the only thing that you need – there’s very little difference between the top few results in the search engines for most searches so if you can give yourself a slight advantage, go for it.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing

It’s often difficult to know where to start in affiliate marketing.

Like so many things on the web, there are almost endless places to start.

If you haven’t already chosen a niche and checked out whether there are affiliate products to promote, have a read this page and then come back here.

Assuming you’ve chosen your niche then you need to decide how you’re going to promote the affiliate products in it.

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere and choosing affiliate marketing for beginners is one of the best places to start.

Affiliate marketing has several advantages:

  • No need to create your own products
  • Usually more commission than just selling adverts, sometimes with the option of recurring commission
  • An almost unlimited supply of affiliate products to promote in almost any niche

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