Affiliate Marketing Examples

There are lots of different ways to do affiliate marketing but sometimes it’s useful to have examples of how people are carrying out their affiliate marketing campaigns to give you some ideas to get you started.

That’s good so long as you get started – there are lots of people who use the excuse of too many different ways to do something to do nothing at all.

When you’re starting out in your affiliate marketing career it’s important to do things (actually, that’s important part for all the time you’re active in an industry) because that’s the only way to find out whether the technique you’ve chosen works for you.

Most affiliate marketing techniques work to at least some extent. OK, maybe sending out a spam email to millions of unknown people may not be a good way to keep your affiliate account. But that’s an exception.

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How to Set up a Review Website

Review websites are one of the easiest (and in my view best) ways of setting yourself up as an affiliate marketer.

Finding buyer keywords is easy – you add words like review, comparison, suggestions, recommendations and similar words to the product name or generic description.

They work in any niche – although some niches are crazily competitive, so you need to do some research before you start.

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Affiliate Marketing Overview: What is Affiliate Marketing and Can It Work for You?

Affiliate marketing is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to get started with internet marketing.

A lot of the potential barriers are handled for you:

  • The product is already created for you
  • The support for customers is handled by the affiliate company you’re using
  • There’s already a sales page that’s been created
  • There’s a proven demand for the product

You’re acting as a commission-only sales person for the products. If someone you introduce to the product purchases it (or sometimes even if they merely raise their hand and sign up to an email list) then you get paid some money.

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Do Niche Sites Still Work?

A question that gets asked a lot in affiliate marketing is whether or not niche sites still work.

A few years ago, there were lots of products out there that claimed that if you picked a topic, got something close to an exact match domain (BuyBlueWidgets that kind of thing) and put up a few short-ish pages of content then you’d get traffic and make affiliate sales.

Of course, there were the usual “gotchas” – you needed to pick quite low competition keyword phrases, there couldn’t be too many big authority sites in the results, that kind of thing.

Which often meant that you’d spend more time searching for the perfect niche than you would creating the site itself.

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How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing

In practice there’s no real difference between creating a website for affiliate marketing and creating a website for any other purpose.

The search engines don’t serve up different web pages like that – they deliver pages that their computer algorithm decides (in the blink of an eye) are the best fit for the search.

Also – despite comments you might read to the contrary – the search engines don’t care how you build your website.

It can be “pure” HTML or HTML with CSS to make it look pretty or it can be a programming language like PHP that creates the pages.

Don’t worry if that sounds like double Dutch to you.

The end result is a web page that can be viewed on whichever device and whichever browser the site visitor cares to use.

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Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

When you first come across the concept of affiliate marketing, one thing that crosses your mind is whether it really works or not.

After all, why should someone buy through your affiliate link rather than someone else’s link or just go direct to Amazon or wherever?

The off-the-cuff answer is “it varies”.

Think about other things you buy – soft drinks, burgers, etc.

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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Long term, you should be aiming to use your own website for your affiliate marketing but if you’re just starting out and really can’t spare the cash for a domain name and some cheap hosting, is it really possible to make money on the internet without having a website?

Providing you’re happy to relinquish some of the control – and providing you’re happy to have your destiny in the hands of a computer program written for a company who has likely never heard of you and whose program doesn’t care whether or not your content stays live – then yes, it’s doable.

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How to Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is like most other businesses online – if you don’t do anything to help your business grow, it will gradually shrink,

That’s down to a combination of factors including that Google’s robots get bored if you don’t update your site often (so they call less often) but even more importantly there is more and more new content appearing, day and night.

So – unless yours is a massive site – your chance of appearing in the search results diminishes over time.

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